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Öhlins DTC regrets to inform there is a manufacturing defect that relates to motorcycle safety and exists in the brackets for Öhlins aftermarket steering dampers manufactured between September 2008 and October 2013.

The aluminum alloy is sensitive to stress corrosion cracking and there is also a risk the bracket will fail when steering is used to maneuver the bike in a small radius or with a maximum steering angle used in one direction.

Öhlins has decided to recall all steering damper brackets and replace these with new brackets.

We apologize for any inconvenience this safety recall may cause and wish to thank you for your cooperation.

Important Notice!

We strongly urge you to stop using the bike until the steering damper has been removed or corrected! It can be a safety issue to use the bike with the faulty shock absorber on the bike.

By entering the part number (two letters and the first three digits) and the batch number (six digits) of your steering damper in the adjacent fields, you will see immediately if your steering damper bracket is affected by the recall or not. See right hand picture where to find these numbers.

The following points are only of interest if your steering damper bracket is affected:

  • A contact form will open automatically, please fill out this form after you have checked if your bracket has been exchanged previously:
    Note. The new brackets have a little point between the screws or at the side of the bracket (see example images below). If your bracket has this appearance, there is no need to contact us.
  • If there is no point visible, please fill out the form and click on send. It is important that you remove the steering damper bracket immediately and inform Öhlins.
  • As soon as possible one of our technicians will contact you by email to announce a package that will be sent to you with a new bracket and a return envelope inside. Nb. it is important that we receive confirmation from you that the bracket has been removed from the bike.
Where to find the serial number?